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What is HDFC ERGO Health Insurance?


HDFC Ergo is a joint venture between HDFC and ERGO which operates in the insurance field. This joint venture contains various policies. For example, HDFC ergo general insurance, home insurance, car insurance and many more. 

This article, however, will be focusing on the HDFC Ergo medical insurance, its features, benefits, types, etc. 

HDFC Ergo health insurance is a medical coverage, which helps you acquire financial assistance. Thus, it also helps to bear your medical expenses.

Medical bills can be extremely expensive, especially during a time like this. Therefore, it is important to have a health insurance plan. 

HDFC ergo policy enables you to be financially stable with your high costs of medical expenses. Briefly, it can truly be beneficial to get your required health treatments.

To clarify about health insurance and how we do insurance planning, Click here.



Undoubtedly, many health insurance companies provide limited and similar features that can be beneficial to you. However, HDFC ergo health insurance comprises of numerous exclusive features such as:  

- Installment benefits: Firstly, it enables you to spend smartly and make payments without putting a dent on your budget.

- Pre, amid and post hospitalization expenses: Secondly, it covers your pre-hospitalization expenses of up to 60 days and post discharge of up to 180 days.

- No sub-limits: Thirdly, with HDFC ergo health Suraksha there are no sub limits on diseases or room rents. In contrast to other health insurance companies that place a certain limit, it gives you maximum benefits. 

Subsequently, there are many other features that include:

- AYUSH benefits

- Organ donor expenses

- Recovery benefit

- Mental health care

- Tax benefits

- Lifetime renewability

- No entry age restriction

However, make sure to adhere to the HDFC ergo Mediclaim policy inquiries and answer them honestly to be able to receive these features. 


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hdfc ergo health insurance plans

What are the benefits?


Altogether, it gives multiple features. HDFC ergo health care offers unique benefits that other health care insurance companies do not provide.

There are many benefits, however the main one includes:

HDFC ergo cashless hospital: Particularly, with the HDFC ergo health card, you are eligible to avail cashless treatment in over 10 thousand network hospitals across India. It makes your hospital bills settle seamlessly.

Moreover, it enables you to benefit from ‘at-home’ healthcare as it covers your bills whether you are at the hospital or at your own house. 

There are many other benefits that are untouched by other health insurance companies, which include:

  • First - Tax benefits
  • Second - Free look period
  • Third - Cumulative bonus
  • Fourth - AYUSH benefits (ayurvedic medical treatment)
  • Finally - Mental health care

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Plans


With HDFC Ergo, you can choose your health insurance plan based upon your requirements:

1. Indemnity health insurance plan: Firstly, this is the ‘base’ plan. It is a must have since it pays for medical expenses which are related to the hospital bills that are based on your medical treatment costs. 

2. Top-up health insurance: It is optimal when you have multiple health insurance plans such as an employee health insurance or even a personal health insurance plan. In addition, this insurance is at a low premium to stay on the safer side. It should be noted that HDFC ergo term plan cover COVID-19 expenses as well.

3. Lump sum benefit-based plan: For critical illnesses in one go, which makes sure you do not have to make claims every time you pay for your medical expenses- this plan covers all your expenses. Helping you save a large sum of Money.

Why do we need Health Insurance

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Renewal & Claim Process


In order to obtain claim you should firstly look into the eligibility criteria. HDFC ergo health insurance usually requires you to answer information related to your previous medical conditions and age. 

Secondly, make sure to mention all your previous illnesses or medical treatments that you had to receive. In addition to this, if you are over the age of 18 you are automatically eligible. 

The task is seamless if you answer the questions honestly as per the HDFC ergo claim form. 

In addition to this, the HDFC policy renewal is open lifelong. It has lifetime renewability. You do not have to go through other hassles to re-purchase the same insurance over a certain period of time. 

This simplified claim and renewal process makes the entire process of getting health insurance uncomplicated and stress free.

HDFC ERGO Hospital List

HDFC ERGO Hospital List


As mentioned, HDFC ergo health care insurance plan gives you the advantage of being able to go cashless. Furthermore, it pays bills seamlessly at hospitals providing you with treatment. 

Checking the HDFC ergo cashless hospital list an easy job. Click here and enter your pin-code, you will get a list of hundreds of best cashless hospital you can choose for your treatment.

It should be noted that there are over 10,000 hospitals all over India. Hence, it helps you avail your health insurance plan in any city that you are located in or even just visiting! 

For example, in New Delhi alone, there are over 450 hospitals, which will cater to your medical needs. So, make sure search up the HDFC ergo cashless hospital list to save your money and make the most of your plans.

HDFC ERGO Customer Care Support

HDFC ERGO Customer Support

Indeed, HDFC ERGO Customer Care provides you with instant claim settlements and there is 24x7 customer support to help you in time of your need.

WhatsApp : 73045 24888

Customer Care Number : 022 6234 6234

Additionally, the website offers various mediums of contact such as emailing and instant chatting in addition to a helpline number. 

Altogether, it gives you all the resources your health insurance company must provide you with in order to make the most of your premiums.



Undoubtedly, Insurances such as HDFC Ergo can be extremely helpful.

It makes you not only financially secure, but also gives you a relief from mental stress.

1. Financially- Above all, you do not reach a financial slump for paying your medical bills, especially during hard times. 

2. Mentally- Finally, helps to achieve mental security and not get stressed by the worries of paying your medical bills.



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