We are committed to respecting your online data privacy. We recognize your need for protection and management of any Personal Information you share with us. Information that is considered personal about you by us includes, but is not limited to, your name, your address, your email address or your other contact information.
In order to use the Investify.in website, you may be required to register yourself by providing the following information, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Bank account details
  • Pictures of self
  • Required Documents for KYC

The collection of this KYC Information is mandatory due to regulatory requirements to activate and enable the online transaction(s) of mutual funds with AMCs/funds India. Such KYC information shall be used / shared / maintained / accessed / stored with/by third party technology service provider / Investify / AMCs / RTAs / authorised service providers / payment gateway providers in order to enable / facilitate / complete / process online transaction(s) and report / generate statement(s) and performance report(s). Any similar information will be treated as proprietary and confidential in nature by them and to be used/shared/maintained/processed by them only on a need-to-know basis for service enablement.
From time to time, Investify may also request other Personal Information to provide you with other benefits of the Services. On all such times, you will have the right to provide or to decline to provide that Personal Information as per your intent.


Use of Customer’s Personal Information

The Website processes use and discloses your Personal Information only as mentioned below:

  • To fulfill/complete your requests for products and services offered by Investify.in
  • To deliver to you any information relevant to your use of the Services or administrative notices.
  • To analyze usage of Website and Mobile App usage to improve the services offered, market assessment, planning, troubleshooting and detection and prevention of error, fraud or other types of criminal activity.
  • To Third-Party Service Providers that provide services to Investify and are bound by privacy restrictions which are similar to the restrictions mentioned in this Policy. Any such information is disclosed on a need-to-know basis.

Sharing and disclosure of Personal Information

We will not share, sell, trade or rent your Personal Information with any affiliated or unaffiliated third parties. Further, we will not disclose your Personal Information to any third parties, except as mentioned above and also to:

  • Provide you the services and products.
  • Transaction processing and generation of reports.
  • Conform to any legal requirements or comply with legal processes.
  • Enforce the terms and conditions of the products or services
  • Protect the interests of Investify, its Affiliates, or its members, constituents, or of other persons

Investify.in may make anonymous or aggregate Personal Information, and disclose or use such data only in a non-personally identifiable manner for purposes of research, advertising, and comparison to organizations approved by Investify.in
We may disclose to third-party service providers certain personally pieces of information as listed below:

  • Information that you provide us such as your name, your email, your mobile phone number
  • Information we collect as you access and use our service, including your device information, your location, and your network carrier

This information may be shared with some or all of the third-party service providers so that we can:

  • Personalize the app for you
  • Perform behavioral analytics

Promotional Communication from the Mobile App/Website

The Website or Mobile App would provide you with the periodic summaries of your Account Information and may send email / SMS alerts. The Website also allows you to subscribe to the email content, newsletters, research information, and notifications, and from time to time may transmit emails / SMS promoting the Website or third-party products or services. You have full right to opt-out of receiving the emails / SMS Notification and to stop your newsletter subscriptions facility by following the instructions on the Website/Email/Sms. Opting out in this manner will not end the transmission of service-related emails / SMS – such transactional alerts must continue till you avail of the services of the Website and Mobile app.
From time to time, the Website/Mobile App may offer you the opportunity to participate in events like promotions, surveys, contests, giveaways, and other marketing events. Any information collected in regard to such activities will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy, except if specifically set forth in the rules of the marketing events, surveys, contests, giveaways or promotions.

  • Third-Party Services and Websites

You should be aware that Investify.in may permit third parties to offer subscription and/or registration-based services through the App/Website. Investify.in will not be responsible for any actions or policies of such third parties and you should check the applicable privacy policy of that third party when providing information, personally identifiable. Further, Investify is not responsible if you do not get the benefits announced, by the third parties permitted to offer subscription and registration-based services or offer/deals/cashback/discounts offered by the third party or as available on its App/Website.

  • Blogs and other Forums on the Website

If you use a bulletin board, discussion forum, blog or chat room on the Mobile App/Website, be aware that any information you submit there can be read, collected or used by users/visitors and could be used to send you unsolicited messages. The Mobile App/Website and Investify.in are not responsible for any personal information you
choose to submit through these forums. These forums shall be hosted by the Mobile App/Website or by our third Party Service Providers on Investify.in behalf.

  • Use of Cookies and online session information

Through the Web server of Invetsify, the website/Mobile App will itself receive as well as collect certain anonymous information in standard usage logs (including computer-identification information obtained from “cookies”) sent to your browser from a web server/other means

The Website uses cookies for n number of purposes. Let’s say, to enable us to simplify the logging-on process for registered users, to help ensure the security and authenticity of registered users, etc. Please note that most Internet browsers may allow you to stop cookies from being stored on your computer and delete cookies stored on your computer. If you choose to eliminate cookies, it might affect the full functionality of the website.

Promotional Communication from the Website/Web Application

The Web Application/Website may provide you with periodic summaries of your Account Information and send email / SMS alerts. The Website/Web Application allows you to subscribe to email newsletters, and research information and from time to time may transmit
emails / SMS promoting the Website/Web Application or third-party
products/services. An option is available to opt out from receiving our
promotional emails / SMS and to terminate your newsletter subscriptions by following the instructions on the Website/Web Application. Opting out in this manner will not terminate service-related emails / SMS or transactional alerts

  • Data Security

To register for the Services, the Mobile App/Website requires a Login ID and a password from you for your privacy and security. It’s your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of this ID and password and not provide these to any third party. We suggest you change your password periodically.

Your password must match standards and as a security feature, the Website may automatically reject weak passwords. We won’t be responsible if your account is accessed through Login ID and password by someone else which they have obtained from you or through a violation by you of this Privacy Policy or the Website’s Terms & Conditions.

On the access of online linked accounts - the Mobile App/Website will use a combination of firewall barriers, authentication procedures, and encryption techniques, to maintain the security of your online session and to protect systems and Website/Mobile App accounts from unauthorized access.

Breach of Internal Security

Despite Investify.in best efforts as stated above, if unauthorized persons breach our security control measures beyond our control resulting in the website being hacked, Investify.in shall not be held responsible for the same.

If you do not accept and abide by these terms, then you must not proceed further or use Investify.in mobile app/website.

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