Personal Financial Planning

There is nothing better than planning. Easiest and consistent way to make wealth

Alternative Investment Funds

Unconventional investment and risk management methods to generate greater returns

Portfolio Management Service

Specialized investment management service for all your equity based investments

Structured Debt Market Products

Pre-packaged strategy designed to facilitate capital protection & highly customized risk-return objectives.

Premium Services
Can Never Be Cheap

People want good investment advice from a qualified expert, and that too for free.

Just think about it once again. Not Possible!

We thrive to facilitate ethical & quality advice at a very low cost

Venture Capital Funds

Advanced  Stage Private Equity investments with the focus to get the players listed on public market

Angel Investor Funds

Seed & Early Stage Private Equity investments to gain huge profits by helping the players grow the business

Family Office Setup

Investment office setup to manage personal Wealth of HNI Individuals and generate better returns

Mutual Funds

A pool of investors money with a specified objective, invested in public equity and debentures

Corporate Bonds

Safer option to generate better returns while not taking the equity risk. Can be Structured for big Investors

Insurance & Risk Management

Uncertainties need to be covered before they take the hard-earned saving away

Aman Yaduvanshi

I started investing in Mutual Funds through SIP and investing for the last 3 months. Though I have just started my Wealth Creation Journey, the impeccable team has made it easy. Thank you.

Varun Sharma

I have been associated with investify for last 2 years. My experience has been fantabulous. The experts here did not only help me with choosing the right investment tool but also help me keep track of it.

Sagan Malhotra

I came across 2 years ago. Experts with a plethora of experience in financial planning. Right from the planning phase to goal setting, a plan was put in to meet my financial goals with my risk appetite.Thank you, team.

Rohit Mehta

I have been working for the last 10+ years. Over the previous 2-3 years, I came across .and started investing. I am so happy watching my investments growing gradually .I am well ahead of all my future responsibilities & goals;Happy investing !

Yamini Dogra

Investing is just a habit. i started doing it and loving to see my investments grow more & more. Whenever i have any loss in any mutual fund, i invested more and more in that and kept averaging the number of units. Team Investify helped me a lot and i hope they will keep doing this good work.

Saloni Rawat

If i would have not come across "Kanishk Chaudhary" & team "Investify", I would never be able to Plan for all essential goals in my life. They made me understand why and how of financial planning & executed the plan quite well. They keep monitoring it quarterly for any changes required.

Kusum Bharadwaj

I used to live by paying the huge credit card bills. There was simply no control on my spending. I started a small SIP with Investify & after several months one of the advisor made me realize the need to save for the future goals and unexpected events. Since then, i am happy and because i have nothing to worry about.

Comprehensive and detailed analysis of financial health to ensure proper financial recommendations

Failing to plan is planning to fail!


Our Comprehensive Financial plan is a premium service for high net worth individual customers who have a hard time getting financial things needs and requirements in place.


  • Have you ever thought about how much will you be able to save for retirement?
  • Concerned about inflation eating up your hard-earned savings?
  • Ever feel like your insurance agent is charging you more and you can't do anything?
  • Thought about how much should you save to meet the goals you have in your life?


Everything in life today can be measured in terms of money. And, according to the survey of "financial planning standard board", only 2% of people feel confident about their financial management.

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Want to know about our financial planning process?

Our Specialities


Our very first priority is to vanish the conflict of interest between Advisor & our Customers


In-depth research on all products we recommend and the strategies we adopt for our customers


Great Advice and Right Decisions can be made by only by Experienced Professionals


Important decisions that are backed by timely actions can bring a whole difference

Alternative Investment Funds

Best in class Private Equity Investments funding cutting edge startups and growth companies

Want To Benefit by Owning a Part in Startups and High Growth Idea Corporations Privately?

AIF's are preferred with High Net Worth Individuals with a capability to take risks of converting an idea into high earning business


  • Minimum investments amount: 1 cr
  • Investments may have a lockin of at least 3 years
  • Aggressive on ground research required by the fund management team
  • Active role in business management to work towards making business profitable


Early investments reap better returns. And, AIF's are all about getting your hands on companies while they are still in the seed-stage or held privately. Only 15% of such investments are successful, however, those 15% well outperform the returns 100% could have generated publically.

Discuss with our AIF expert...

What factors should you consider while selecting AIF investments?

Meet the experts

Our investment experts have extensive experience in generating investment returns over bull and bear market conditions

bharat bhushan

As Director & Founder, Bharat is responsible for Company's Financial operations both nationally and for the East and Central regions.


As CEO, Mr. Sandeep is responsible for Company's operations in India both nationally and for State regions

Portfolio Managment Service

Let our qualified Wealth Manager handle all your investments into equity and equity based derivative products

You Believe in Active Public Equity Investment?
Yes? PMS is for you!

Portfolio Management services are preferred for people who can take up that higher risk to achieve higher Returns


  • If you have ever been attracted to stock trading to get quick returns, Portfolio management services are a better option for you
  • Professionally managed Trading account with respect to your personal risk appetite
  • Charges are based on return achieved above fixed criteria only
  • Deep company research and investment strategies are implemented by your portfolio manager in order to achieve good returns


With you and the money manager having the same target to earn more returns, conflict of interest in services is ruled out.  This is an exciting category of products that can offer greater thrills with more risk and return advantages.

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How do we recommend PMS investments?

investify logoWe work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable their wealth to grow with planned and risk-adjusted strategies

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Structured Debt Market Products

Tailor-made structured fixed income securities with both preferring capital protection & matching your personal goals

Are you a High Net Worth Individual with huge capital to invest securely?

Structured fixed income products are preferred for people who can take up that higher risk to achieve higher fixed returns


  • You are an ultra HNi and do not want the risk of investing into equities?
  • Specialized structured fixed interest products to cater to your needs
  • Our merchant bankers sign up a deal with one or many companies with an agreed-upon interest and convertible option into equity shares when you want.
  • Thoughtful terms and conditions can be added from your side as you want  


Big corporations generally keep the residual money safe in fixed income instruments. Investing happens in structured deals for fixed-term loans with other corporations who require the funds right now

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Our Process of a Structured Debt deal ⬇️ 


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