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Establish the Relationship and Understanding

Stepping into your shoes is an utmost necessity for us. To serve your purpose better, we gather all information required through a questionnaire

Personal Details

Investify is an online platform. Hence, We connect with our esteemed clients on video meets and calls for introduction and a healthy get-to-know session so that we can better assist them in providing the best services possible.

We respect our clients' data and ensure they are kept under tight wraps.

Current Financial situation

Investing is a risk riddled exercise which requires the investor to be fully prepared for absorbing the highs and lows of the market. To ensure that our clients put their best foot forward , we ascertain their current financial situation so as to present them with viable options that suit their profiles.

Identifing Goals

As it is important to know where we are heading before stepping inside our car, similarly we need to know where we are trying to head financially. As your personal wealth managers, we seek to ensure that your financial outlook and options are best suited to accomplish your set goals.

Risk Appetite

As is well known, investments in stock markets and other derivatives are risk-prone, the investor's financial risk-absorbing ability and the exposure limits are assessed by our team of committed experts, which help in allocating custom-made plans for each individual client, to help them achieve peace of mind with money.


Analysing the Financial Status

Assessing the actual status is the base of our recommendations. Delivering the actual financial status is very critical and we may take little more time while our team brainstorms for final gatherings.


It helps the investor target the products that best fit their portfolios. Strength could be number based or psychological. With more strengths, our risk appetite increases, and the opportunity to earn high investment returns follow.


Strength is a great quality to have but is only one of the key factors in the full analysis. There could be some psychological risk-averseness or number-based shortfalls which count under Personal or Financial Weaness. Over a period of long term, caution should be taken to cover all weaknesses.

Comparison with Objectives

In summation of the aforementioned points, a comparison must be made for our esteemed clients so as to present to them the best-suited plans, which are client specific and offers them the finest chances for making a gain. The end objective of our clients stands paramount to us and our plans.


Recommendations and Presentaion to Clients

Develops the financial recommendations based on the selected strategies to reasonably meet the client’s confirmed objectives, needs, and priorities; and present the financial planning recommendations with live discussions in a way that allows the client to make an informed decision

Emergency Funds

Emergency Funds are the last resort options and corpus that are set aside to meet unforeseen situations and crises, unplanned scenarios, and are different from routine expenses. So one must allocate it accordingly to meet the contingencies and stay afloat at times of crunch.

Budgeting & Loan Management

Whilst we are told that money doesn't buy happiness, financial problems certainly seem to be coupled with stress and worry. Unforeseen events, longer life expectancy, and increasing inflations require us to be prepared with future projections and enough cushions ready in place.


Insurance & risk Managemnt

Insurance Risk Management is the assessment and quantification of the likelihood and financial impact of events that are likely to occur in the client's lifetime that require external cover; and the ability to spread the risk of these events occurring at a minimal cost.


Retirement planning is the process of assessing retirement income goals as well as the actions and commitments required to meet those goals. At Investify, we ensure that our clients are at the heart of all our plans and go the last mile to have the most articulate plan available for them.


With the ever-changing tax landscape, increasing tax compliance, and changes in policies and reforms. In order to keep in line with the various amendments being introduced from time to time, it becomes important for taxpayers to execute strategies in order to minimize tax liabilities within the framework of the law.


Implementation & Documentation

Presentation and implementation of suitable products fulfilling the financial plan recommendations. Necessary documentation and start of building a full-fledged portfolio covering all financial planning aspects.

Product Presentation and Explanation

Our team of experts makes it a point to engage our esteemed clients with dedicated presentations about products suited to their preferences and risk appetite and explain every detail to them. We take special care in addressing the concern of our clients and ensure they receive the best redressal.

Client Understanding & Approval

Clients concerns and queries stand paramount to our team of experts . It is ensured that they are addressed to the content of our esteemed clients . The team also ensures that the products matches the expectations of our clients and their approval is thereby solicited before commencement of the transaction.

Documentation & Implimentation

Following the finalization of the plan as per the client's preferences, proper documentation of our clients is prepared as per the requirements laid down by the SEBI, RBI, and the Government. After the documents have been meticulously verified by our team of experts, a final go-ahead is taken for the transaction process to begin.


Timely Review

After every 6 or 12 months, necessary review meetings to assess the goal achievement percentages and any urgent change requirements of products implemented.

Meeting Quarterly To Assess The Plan Performance

Every 6 or 9 months, our expert conducts a review of our client's portfolio performance. Their portfolios are re-assessed to confirm the parameters like risk-adjusted returns, benchmarking, quality of products, performance with respect to their peers in the market, etc. A call is taken on further action.

Determine the Appropriteness of Recommended Products

The product offered to the client is reviewed on the basis of its performance every timely and effective step is taken or suggested to our esteemed clients on the course of action that needs to be taken. Our team ensures that the product is performing within the lines of expectations.

Impliment Mutually Discussed Changes

Transparency of all transactions and effective communication of feedback to and from our esteemed clients is a mantra our committed team believes strongly in. All recommendations are mutually discussed, verified, and implemented by our team with close consultations with our customers.


Our Work Starts with Relationships. We are always looking for opportunities to know more about you.

We avoid short term recommendation and implement strategies for Long term fulfillment.

Risk can be reduced by optimal mix of Products that Risky in nature and Fixed Return.

We take ownership and quickly correct the if any recommendation doesn't fit the portfolio

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