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Slide Equity Funds Invest in Shares of Giant Corporations with Great Cash Flows and Supply chain Advantage over Smaller companies. Risk Capacity Defines the Return Percentage. Create Free Account Now Invest Now Slide Debt Funds Invests in Fixed income Company Debt papers and Grows slowly with higher interest* than FD's in Long Term Indexation Benefit. Invest Now Create Free Account Now Slide Balance Funds Balance Funds is a mix of Equity and Debt which is all season favorable fund with Investors Having Moderate Risk taking Capacity. Invest Now Create Free Account Now Slide Liquid Funds Lowest Risk and Highest Liquid Investment. Lends money to Companies for short term Working Capital need in return of Handsome Interest Rate. Invest Now Create Free Account Now Types Of Mutual Fund View all ➝

Reasons To Invest In Mutual Fund

sip or lumpsum
Sip or LumpSum

Easy to Invest one time lump Sump or in a monthly auto Deducting installment mode. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)also averages the investment in volatile Securities Market.

Investment Bucket

Large Bucket of investment Assets available as per the suitability of a person.


Risking all of the hard earned money in one investment is a bad Idea. All Mutual Funds are a well constructed Portfolio of 50-200 different companies.

Fund mnager
Fund Manager

Professional Management and care of your funds by a qualified Money Manager in a fraction of a cost of hiring a Manager Personally. This Ensures not missing any profit opportunity and less chances or greater losses due to behavioral bias towards Money

Start With Small

Buying valuable assets could be a costly deal. Invest with as small as INR 500 in quality assets with Mutual Funds while sharing Asset costs with other investors.

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