Manage your Clients Systametically and Improve Your Earnings wih Digital Presence

Get Rid of Operations

We will handle all operations. You Just Focus on Growing your Client base.

All Investment Products

All financial products are available to transact. Be it Fee-based or Commission Based.

Expert Support

100% Comprehensive & Customizable Financial Planning support for your clients.


Associate with Ethical Business
We thrive to provide Ethical Financial Services Practice which is rare in today's time.
To all your customers "Always in the Best Interest"

For MFDs & RIAs Both
Serve all types of customers. Be it Fee-based or Distribution Commission Based. Most important for people wanting to build reputed status in Financial Services.

No Upfront Fee to Join
Joining us is free. No payment to start using our software and services support.

Represent Yourself as Brand Owner
You will be listed on our website as a partner and can represent yourself as an authority figure operating with

Financial Planning Support
No need to buy another tool for Financial Planning. Our Expert CFPs will create customized plans in Excel for your clients with Yearly plan Reviews.

Convenient Profit-Sharing Model
Commissions sharing is negotiable with a 70:30 base rate
Fee Sharing is also negotiable with a 50:50 base rate

Online Login for You & your Clients
100% digital Process for you & your clients. Clients can log in over a Desktop or Mobile app. An advisor login is available on the Desktop.

24*7 Support with one on one personalized support for all Financial Products, Services, and software-based queries.


Onboarding Support
Just hand over the client's necessary details to your Support member and forget about all the nitty-gritty of the Account Opening Process, Kyc, and Sip Mandates.

End to End Transaction Support
Just let our team know about the changes you want or need to make in the client's portfolio. We will handle this hectic back & forth with clients and confirm after task completion.

Quarterly Economic Research Outlook
Portfolio-based investments need to be reviewed at least half yearly. We provide an extensive economic report to have a sharp edge while rebalancing or reviewing client Portfolios.

Products for Your Clients
✅ Financial Planning
✅ Small Cases
✅ Global Portfolios
✅ Bonds/NCDs
✅ Mutual Funds
✅ Insurances (Motor, Health, & Life)
✅ Structured Products
✅ PMS's
✅ AIF's
✅ Credit Cards

Manual Entry Products
✅ FDs & RD
✅ Endowment/ULIP Policies
✅ Income Schemes
✅ PMS Transactions
✅ Property/Real Estate
✅ Bullion/Gold
And Much More...

Client Reports
✅ Portfolio Summary & Detail Reports
✅ Overall & SIP valuation (CAGR Report)
✅ Comprehensive
✅ Funds Report for Tax Harvesting
✅ Valuation & Asset Allocation Report
✅ Folio Ledger & Account Statement Report
✅ Goal Wise Portfolio Report
Any Customizations for Specific Needs

Partner Reports
✅ Brokerage Report
✅ AUM Growth Report
✅ New Customer Acquisition Report
✅ AMC wise Brokerage Analysis
✅ Fund Comparison
✅ NAV History
✅ Profit/Loss Making Folio's
And Much More...