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Client-Centric Focus

It's not just the services but customer satisfaction is the utmost priority at Investify.

Ethical Approach

We Value your time and Hence we serve you with the Ethical business Practices


Integrity is the key area that we work on and compromising with it a Big "NO" at Investify.

Enjoy the Freedom of both "Regular & Direct" Plans

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Fee Based Mode

- Direct Funds (No Commissions)

- Fee Based Financial Planning

- Customized Reports

- Quarterly Review

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Distribition Mode

- Regular Funds (With Commissions)

- Free Financial Planning

- Customized Reports

- Quarterly Review

Top Curated Investment Experts Having Experience of Managing Portfolios in Every Market Condition.

Plan - Impliment - Achieve

Financial Planning

Personalized  Planning  form A  to  Z for your Personal financial needs & goals

Objective of Understanding Current position and what can be achieved by best execution with planned risk management

Actively Managed Portfolio's

Wealth Management

Wealth Management in dynamic fields and asset classes with investment research and due diligence.

Objective of better ROI while making investments a simple and easy process

We are Trusted for Conflict Free Services with "No Hidden Cost"

Plan Your Investment

Strategy can not be build without Assessment. Planning means half the battle won at

Transact Online

Secure Online Transactions are integral part of Plan Execution Process in the Investment Journey

Track Portfolio Live

Only Constant in the World is Change. Monitoring and Adapting are Basic Requirement Today

Overall Wellbeing

Health Risk Cover

Highest Covers with Cash Less Settlements & Lowest Prices.

Vehicle Cover

Mandatory Third Party Cover & Vehicle damage claims

Life Risk Cover

Based on Human Life Value Method. Best Features. Lowest Prices.

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What Clients Say About US ?

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Aman Yaduvanshi

I started investing in Mutual Funds through SIP and investing for the last 3 months. Though I have just started my Wealth Creation Journey, the impeccable team has made it easy. Thank you.

Kusum Bharadwaj

I used to live by paying the huge credit card bills. There was simply no control on my spending. I started a small SIP with Investify & after several months one of the advisor made me realize the need to save for the future goals and unexpected events. Since then, i am happy and because i have nothing to worry about.

Rohit Mehta

I have been working for the last 10+ years. Over the previous 2-3 years, I came across .and started investing. I am so happy watching my investments growing gradually .I am well ahead of all my future responsibilities & goals;Happy investing !

Sagan Malhotra

I came across 2 years ago. Experts with a plethora of experience in financial planning. Right from the planning phase to goal setting, a plan was put in to meet my financial goals with my risk appetite.Thank you, team.

Saloni Rawat

If i would have not come across "Kanishk Chaudhary" & team "Investify", I would never be able to Plan for all essential goals in my life. They made me understand why and how of financial planning & executed the plan quite well. They keep monitoring it quarterly for any changes required.

Varun Sharma

I have been associated with investify for last 2 years. My experience has been fantabulous. The experts here did not only help me with choosing the right investment tool but also help me keep track of it.

Yamini Dogra

Investing is just a habit. i started doing it and loving to see my investments grow more & more. Whenever i have any loss in any mutual fund, i invested more and more in that and kept averaging the number of units. Team Investify helped me a lot and i hope they will keep doing this good work.

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What is

An Online Platform Facilitating:

  • Investment transaction into mutual funds
  • Track all other personal savings and investments
  • Generate multiple types of report to assess the product performances
  • Create Inflation adjusted goal corpus and Assign Investments for them
  • Easy assessment of the next steps in the process of Creating Wealth
  • Family Group creation to manage the whole financial investments together

With Motto to Provide:

  • Quality Ethical Service
  • Seamless Transaction
Is Free to Use?
  • For Mutual Fund Investments - Commission based fee structure (Free from your end)
  • For Financial Planning - INR 6999 yearly
  • Dynamic Charges for PMS, AIF, Structured Products
  • Dynamic Charges for Insurance Policies - Commission based
  • Dynamic Charges for ITR Filing
  • Dynamic Charges for Loan Disbursement
How will I find best Products?

Your Personal Certified Financial Advisor will be in Direct reach easily available within working hours

They will Keep guiding you for any necessary changes if you request.

A mandatory portfolio review after every 3 months will be automatically processed from our side.

How do the Advisor Provide Recommendations?

We follow a few simple steps to safeguard the Investors Interest:

  • No recommendation without thorough research
  • Advisor works 100% for your Interest (0% conflict of Interest)
  • Full & Fair Disclosure of our earning from each Product we Recommend
  • All Actions will be Documented and Executed only After your acceptance

And the Speciality is, We Move customers into fee-based if they are already paying INR 10000 or more in commissions.
(This is a necessary step created to avoid any conflict of Interest)

Do I need to fill Client Questionnaire form mandatorily?

It is Mandatory for Customers seeking Full Financial Planning Services

Client Questionnaire is a complete form that collects your 360-degree information.

In there, We collect crucial information about your financial roundabouts.
As your financial planning covers Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, and Insurance Planning.

So, to cover all these aspects and serve you better, Complete and Accurate Information is necessary

It takes a lot of time to fill Questionnaire form...

Even a doctor can’t diagnose you until you don’t discuss your problem with him.

Sorry, but we can’t help you.

It is a process that you have to go through to assess the current financial health and create a plot to reach your goals 


Is Licensed to provide Financial Advice?

But, All Advisors associated are certified under either:

  • Securities Exchange Board of India, Or
  • Financial Planning Standard Board (US)

And Mandatorily Cleared NSE Series V-A (Mutual Fund Distribution) and Series VIII-A(Equity Derivatives)


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Only Active Customers can Log into Our Mobile App

  • On an IOS Device - Go to "App  Store"  and  search  for  ""
    Or Click on this link " iOS App"
Is My Information Safe here?

As an Organisation, We know the importance of data, and we are committed to Secure your information more than you do

All necessary steps related to your privacy is our topmost responsibility!

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