Raj Chaudhary

As it is always been said that “A goal without a Plan is a wish”. Planning always plays a crucial role in success. Investment is also not exception to this. For an investor it is important to understand the target and the plan to achieve it. Without planning Investor is like “A child without Parents”.


The Problem


Mr. Raj CHAUDHARY & Preeti Chaudhary are government employees who wants to invest and have goals but they do not how much to invest, where to invest and when to invest.


They have invested in the past but they were not able to take it forward during tough times as there was no planning.

The Solution

The Challenge

While planning it is important to integrate goal, process and current situation. When it come to goals mapping, Mr. & Mrs. Chaudhary had huge list of wishes which was the challenge to map with goals. They knew about the problem but did not believe in the solution i.e. Planning. A challenge which is often ignored is bringing comfort level to the client where he can discuss openly his concerns. They were hesitating to disclose their personal information which ultimately leads to failure in achieving goals through financial planning.

We Made

Our Advisor provide had a detail discussion with them for which we did four meeting just to make them comfortable to discuss every aspect of planning.

After that all the gathered information was assessed which lead us to fulfill every aspect of comprehensive plan.

Fin Plan Advisors

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Successful Plans

Varun Sharma

This is different, the right product advice according to my risk capability with zero conflict of interest. This plan costs me around 15k yearly. Returns are according to my expectations. That is why I feel this is worth continuing. Remember, There is no free lunch. The experts here did not only help me with choosing the right investment tool but also help me keep track of it.