Aman Yaduvanshi

Aman & Ashmi was blessed with a baby girl 3 years ago. With time, Aman started getting thoughts about Uncertain events. And what will happen to his dependent wife and daughter in case of any unforeseen loss of income.


The Problem

Mr. Aman a data architect with the IT company earns quite a good handsome amount and a disciplined investor who will achieve his goal five years before his due date.

He remains worried about any Unforeseen event and still considers Insurance an Expense. Peace of Mind is not there because he has not managed his risk.

He says “For an unforeseen event I am investing that will come handy”. He is covered for medical insurance by his organization where he works.

The Solution

The Challenge

He has not set contingency fund, Invested all his money into equity i.e. He is sitting on a bomb which can explode at any point in time.

Aman will have to liquidate his investment in difficult times, which will increase his due date for goal achievement.

The challenge was to make risk management a part of his investment strategy.

We Made

We diversified his portfolio in such a way which reduce his risk and return remains the same. Contingency Fund was set up into a liquid fund which he can liquid at any point of time without any difficulty and will earn the return more than Fixed Deposit.

Insurance is also purchased, it is an investment to hedge the future life-related risk. He now understands that it  plays a crucial role in achieving one's goal which is ignored by Aman most of the time.

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Aman Yaduvanshi

100% satisfied with the service. I have had a Fin Plan for 3 years now. Recently, There was a lot of confusion as my residency status recently changed to NRI. INVESTIFY's team helped me with all the KYC changes, old investments tax status updation, etc. smoothly.