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Read this interesting Case about the exceptional investment performance generated with our followed unbiased Advisory mindset & appropriate and timely action by our investment managers

36% return case study

The Case Study


36% return in a year, How we achieved this feat at investify?

Yes, you heard it right Investify’s client has achieved this feat.

It might sound bogus in the beginning but it is the quality advice that makes difference.
As you know it is not easy to get exceptional returns.

Search on google and will get hundred of platforms to transact mutual funds. Mind you, we have used the word transact so, just you are not going to get desired results by just transacting.

Managing the Investments or Advisory is the key.

Here, comes into the picture. Lets’s brief you on how things work for us.



How do things work with us?

Let me make you clear that we are not Warren Buffet or George Soros or Ray Dalio or any of the favorite billions of dollars fund managers.
We are just like you but that difference is we stood up every time we fall that is we learned a lot from our past mistakes and just do not repeat them. We want you not to repeat the mistakes we have done.
After failing many times (alas we are humans) we noted our mistakes and found solutions for them.

We created a streamlined process to manage investments for our clients which is faraway from any bias as we have automated it.

The below-attached screenshot is the result of our streamlined process.

As the corona pandemic was getting stronger in china we shifted our client's investments into Healthcare funds which have given us around 36% in the last 10 months, Let me tell you we are still riding it.

case study

The Process

People focus on choosing the right company to invest in. Research companies spend millions in getting the correct information while taking decisions to purchase shares of any company.

We on the other hand, follow Top-Down Approach, i.e, Economy - Sector - Industry - Company.

According to Us, there are only three rules of Investing:
     1. Always be Diversified.
     2. Be overweight on the attractive industry.
     3. Less portfolio Churning.

We are against the choosing company to invest. We choose industries.
We choose from 35 industries and be overweight on the currently favorable one's.
Instead of choosing from thousands of companies, we diversify our Assets under Management in all.

As per the rules of Probability, Chances of going wrong automatically decreases when options decreases.

Feel like you need help too?

How you can get benefit from it.


To help you we have made a black book on mutual fund Do it yourself investing e-book.

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It will give you an idea about how our rigorous investment process is. It will surely help in getting the desired result.



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