Insurance Planning is the most crucial component of financial planning which helps to evaluate the risks in advance and create funds to mitigate any loss caused due to the risk. The chances of getting full or partial payments for the risk are insured once to make appropriate insurance planning.

The need for insurance differs for everyone depending on factors like age, health, family structure, assets and economic status. There are different forms of insurance plans like General Insurance, Life Insurance and Health Insurance and none of them needs to fit all.



We at investify help you make the right choice to meet your insurance plans. The following step is followed to reach the desired form of insurance


  1. Clients are given a questionnaire and asked to fill it
  2. Once the client fills the questionnaire proper analysis is drawn to understand the risk the client can face.
  3. After analysing the risk the appropriate insurance plan is chosen to meet the above risk. If the client is the only earning member in the family financial stability is the priority so we would suggest choosing life insurance.

4.Once it is decided that which plan has to be purchased we ask the client to go ahead with the most efficient plan which is going to reap the benefits in the future.

  1. Not only our services end here. We timely monitor the changes and interest rate of insurance. In future, if any plan is required or not.


2) Investment Planning 

Investment planning helps you to meet your financial goals and objectives. Our Financial Planning process services provide you with a clear picture of how to match your financial resources to your financial objectives.

There are thousands of different investments tools available in the market. The following chart will help you understand more clearly.


Chart on the website




Once you are clear about your investment goals, we can match the most suitable investment plan for each specific goal. Gradually when your circumstance change, we can help you make any necessary adjustments to keep you on track.

Here is the set of process that we follow to help you meet your investment plans


3) Retirement Planning


First paragraph same as on the website.




  1. The client is asked to fill all the information in the given questionnaire which helps us to get an idea of what are the retirement plans of the client.
  2. Once the client fills the necessary information the analysis of life cycle is done. Deep understanding of retirement age, pre-retirement and post-retirement phases are taken into consideration for this.
  3. The retirement needs of the candidate are analyzed after this to get an idea of proper retirement age, investment time and all the important activities post-retirement

4.Once the retirement needs are analyzed the plan is selected accordingly

  1. We don’t just focus on services but make sure all your goals and objectives are met. For this time to time scrutiny is done to check if everything is working as per the analysis is drawn.


4) Tax Planning 


Tax planning is the activity to reduce the total tax liability by making use of all the allowances, deductions, rebates, concessions available. Tax planning is the art of managing your income and taxes efficiently so that you pay the least amount of tax on your total income. Don’t confuse the term with tax evasion. Tax planning and tax evasion are two different concepts one done within the legal framework and other beyond it.




  1. The client is asked to share all the details of his income sources, investments and returns.
  2. Once enough information is collected all the tax deductions applicable are checked and seen if all of them are followed or not.
  3. Apart from tax deductions, there are legal ways that our financial experts recommend you to follow to reduce the amount of taxes paid
  4. Revisions and changes are made if a new law or some new section is added to the income tax laws.


5)Estate Planning


Estate planning is the most important part of financial planning is often ignored. Though everything seems to be smooth during existence after a sudden demise things get complicated.


Estate Planning  is deciding in advance and naming whom you want to receive the things you own after you die. This can be done through a trust or will whichever procedure is feasible.

We at investify care about our clients and want things to execute smoothly. So following services are provided by us to get things on track.


  1. Understanding the requirement of equity planning or not

2.If yes help the people understand or make them aware of how this is going to help everyone after they cease.

  1. Trust or will is drawn understanding all the aspects and taking all the pros and cons into consideration.
  2. Executing the plan as per the objective of trust or will.
  3. Changes can be made if necessary until your existence depending on the circumstances you are going through








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