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Benefits of Financial Planning

Financial Security

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Wealth Creation

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Financial Freedom

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Financial Planning is the Compass Guiding You Toward a Prosperous Future

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We know how difficult it can be to manage money confidently. Check our curated list to know exactly what to look for in a plan. fp

Our Financial Plan Checklist...

🎯 Personal Budgeting

Financial position assessment report
Plotting a cash flow of your income and expenses to understand concerning behaviors and future road map.

General metrics that affect budgeting:

  • Income increment rate
  • Expense increment rate
  • Inflation rate
  • Standard of living enhancement
⛱️ Risk Estimation

Generation of financial plan
Before getting any risk protection measures in place, know how much monetary risk you bear.

If risks are left unprotected, can wipe out your net worth in seconds.

Few risks to be considered:

  • Estimation of life risk
  • Uncertain health expenses
  • Dependent care
  • Accidental (Vehicle & Personal)
🌀 Dreams to Goals

Financial goals or target
Everybody has a rough mental map of how they want to steer ahead in life. Let's convert those rough ideas into measurable goals.


  • Urban Land Ownership 
  • Life Style Aspirations
  • World Tour Aspirations
  • Overseas Child Education
  • Starting a Business
  • Vehicle Purchase Aspirations
🛟 Emergency Fund

Saving tax wisely
There is no insurance for job loss or any cashflow hampering event. Do create & timely evolve the emergency corpus.

  • Possibility of Income Reduction
  • Risk Nature of Work
  • Fix % of Income as Emergency Fund
  • Timely Rebalancing
  • Where to Park Emergency Fund
🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏼 Retirement Planning

Financial goals being shown as dart board
Planning for Retirement is very Complex, hardly anybody can do it right.

A few complex metrics that play a role in estimation are:

  • Inflation rate
  • Risk-free rate
  • Yearly income increment rate
  • Expected increase or decrease in lifestyle after retirement.
  • etc.
📊 Loan & Credit Review

Borrowing or taking loan
The debt/ or loan trap is real. 

And, debt free feels like heaven.

You should know the level of the optimal loan according to the lifetime budgeting process.

Calculated decesions on:

  • Loan Reduction
  • Loan Increase
  • Loan Migration
  • or, Loan Closure
🎓 Children Goal Planning

Investments growing over time like a plant grows from a seed
Planning no. of children seems easy, have you ever done it with financial numbers?

And, major child events like:

  • Higher Education
  • Marriage
  • Vehicle
  • etc.
📈 Product Guidance

Investments portfolio performance shown graphically over time
Understanding complex financial products is no easy task.

Get a fair idea about where you can park your money to serve specific goals and how much return expectations are healthy.

Also, tackle psychological barriers that stop you from being consistent to harness real long-term compounding.

🧩 Plan Execution

Investments portfolio graph over time
Executing all the recommendations on your own could easily get you exhausted with this complex financial system.

Either open an account with us to have smooth execution or get live guidance for other platforms.

⚙️ Monitoring & Review

Doing investments as per recommendations of 7Prosper
Monitoring and altering the plan on a Yearly/ Half-Yearly Basis is a must.

Includes making changes for:

  • New Goal Arises
  • Major Life Event
  • Unexpected Product Performance
  • Changes in Fundamental Assumptions
  • etc.

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🎯 Financial Planning is not just about money; It's about building a life of financial confidence and peace of mind

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What People Think About Us
Aman Yaduvanshi

100% satisfied with the service. I have had a Fin Plan for 3 years now. Recently, There was a lot of confusion as my residency status recently changed to NRI. INVESTIFY's team helped me with all the KYC changes, old investments tax status updation, etc. smoothly.

Varun Sharma

This is different, the right product advice according to my risk capability with zero conflict of interest. This plan costs me around 15k yearly. Returns are according to my expectations. That is why I feel this is worth continuing. Remember, There is no free lunch. The experts here did not only help me with choosing the right investment tool but also help me keep track of it.

Sagan Malhotra

I came across INVESTIFY 2 years ago. Initially, I was scared to see all those Excel calculations. However, Experts with a plethora of experience in financial planning made it easy to understand. Right from the planning phase to goal setting, a plan was put in to meet my financial goals with my risk appetite. Thank you, team.

Rohit Mehta

I have been working for the last 10+ years. Over the previous 5 years, I have had a Financial Plan with INVESTIFY. I am so happy watching my investments grow gradually. I am well ahead of all my future responsibilities & goals. Feels warm every time I see my targets accomplished in the future. Happy investing!

Yamini Dogra

Financial Planning made Investing more of a habit. I started doing it and loved to see my investments grow more & more. Whenever I have any loss in my portfolio, I invested more and more in that and kept averaging the number of units. My advisor helped me a lot and I hope they will keep doing this good work.

Saloni Rawat

I would never be able to Plan for all the essential goals in my life. Before planning, Team "Investify" made me realize & understand the why and hows of financial planning & executed the plan quite well. They keep monitoring it yearly for any changes required.

Kusum Bharadwaj

I used to live by paying the huge credit card bills. There was simply no control on my spending. Financial plan made it easy to steamline my priorities & i started a small SIP with Investify. As a result, i feel much confident & secure now. Financial plan itself sounds very complex with numbers and all. however, it was presented to me in the simplest way.


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