What is Investify?
Investify is a Delhi based investment advisory who is involved in providing all financial solution under Investify Wealth Advisors Private Limited.

Why was Investify setup?
Investify was set up with the moto to provide quality service and seamless transaction.

Is Investify a Robo Advisor or Human advisor model?
Investify is a combination of Artificial Intelligence + Human intelligence.

How does Investify work?
Investify provides end to end online services which uses artificial intelligence to make the process simpler but uses Human intelligence to take crucial decision.

Does Investify is an intermediary party to the transaction?
A big “NO”. Investify is not in the role of intermediary. It is an investment advisory company whose only job is to advise. Any amount you invest goes directly to the AMC. We are not involved anywhere in between.

Do you have complete Online or Offline model?
Investify is a hybrid of online and offline model wherein our financial advisor can meet you face to face and even can help you online. It completely depends on you.

Can an NRI invest through you?
We welcome client from all spheres.

Does Investify provide doorstep pickup of documents?
Yes we can arrange a doorstep pickup for your document but this won’t be required.

What is the cost of opening account with you?
It is completely free. Zero Charges.

What is the Client Questionnaire?
Client Questionnaire is a complete form that collects your 360-degree information.

Why do I need to fill the client questionnaire form?
As your financial planning covers Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, and Insurance Planning. So, to cover all these aspects and serve you better, we need your complete information.

It takes a lot of time to fill the questionnaire?
Sorry, but we can’t help you. It is a process to reach your goal which you have to go through. Even doctor can’t diagnose you until you don’t discuss your problem with him.

What about the data we share with you?
As an Organization, we are committed to secure your data more than you. We assure you that we take all the necessary steps related to your privacy.

What is fundsindia?
It is a platform that provides backend support to Investify.

If you still have any question please let us know & we will get back to you